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Erin Kennedy, Try On Rugby

I’ve been playing rugby for the last four and a half years and I’ve had the great pleasure of wearing rugby gear that was made for men, specifically men’s smalls in everything. I imagine that most women out there know what I’m talking about when I say that the shorts didn’t fit my hips and the jerseys were oversized and ill fitting. I had inquired with a few companies about their ‘Women’s Line’ of rugby apparel and loved hearing crickets when I realized it did not exist. So what was a girl to do?

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Out of the piles of misfit rugby clothes rose APTOELLA RUGBY – a company that made women’s rugby apparel just for women…and made by women! The brains behind this operation is Barbara Mervin, International rugby star in Canada. If you haven’t met Barbara, you’ll instantly catch her passion and enthusiasm – it is contagious! I spoke with her about my needs as a rugby player and decided to take the plunge and try out some APTOELLA gear. I decided to go with the FastHER Rugby Shorts and the No Bust About It AttackHER Shoulder Pads. FastHER Rugby Shorts – Did I mention I’m in the backline when I’m on the field? I primarily play Inside Center and occasionally Full Back. What does this mean? It means I run…a lot. My number one complaint about the rugby shorts I’ve worn in the past is how stiff they are and how uncomfortable they are when I run. If I could play rugby in normal athletic shorts, I would. Well this is the number one reason why I love APTOELLA’s products. The FastHER Rugby Shorts have an immense amount of benefits: 1. They fit me just like a pair of women’s shorts should. Hello! I have hips and I need shorts that understand that. 2. They feel like athletic shorts! They are breathable and flexible – I feel incredibly comfortable when I’m sprinting down the pitch. Imagine rugby shorts that feel like athletic shorts. It is truly the best of both worlds. 3. There is a spot for me to put my mouthguard – essential! 4. There is a label inside too incase my teammates decide to steal them…which they will! These shorts will change your life! I absolutely love them and will never wear another pair of rugby shorts again…well I probably will but I won’t enjoy them nearly as much. No Bust About It AttackHER Shoulder Pads – So playing on the whole backline thing, I never thought about wearing shoulder pads. None of my fellow backline teammates wore them and I didn’t think I needed them. I decided to try out the shoulder pads though because as I get older and approach the big 3-0, my body would appreciate a little extra protection when I throw it against another human. Here are the great benefits: 1. They fit great and are not intrusive. I always expected shoulder pads to fit funny and feel bulky. These fit to my body and are very flexible with every movement I make. 2. They make me more confident in my tackles. I feel a little sense of support when I go into tackles wearing these. I hit harder, I step quicker, and I definitely feel better the next day. My shoulders don’t hate me. 3. I got the bright pink color – need I say more?! In conclusion… Stop spending money on regular rugby clothes and accept that they just aren’t made for you and invest in a product that is made FOR you. If you’re looking at the price and thinking you don’t want to spend the money, consider this: You are investing in your body. Don’t treat your body like a cheap date – she will thank you later! APTOELLA is in touch with what women need on the rugby pitch and I promise you will not be disappointed. Did I mention you can customize the products too? Win! Erin Kennedy Try On Rugby USA.


Marlene Donaldson, Former International 15’s Team Prop

“I have been playing rugby for 20 years and I have never come across rugby training gear for women that I can get excited about.  I love bright colours and fun concepts and I am not afraid to standout. When Barbara told she could make shoulder pads with the Jamaican flag on the back, I couldn’t believe it.  I have played rugby for Canada and I am a proud Canadian but these shoulder pads let me recognize my Jamaican roots every time I get on the field…and they feel great too.”

Magali Harvey: IRB Player of the Year 2014 International 15s team winger and 7s back

“Les APTOELLA-AttackHER sont formidables! Avant, il m’arrivait souvent d’éviter le contact, mais elles m’ont donné la confiance nécessaire pour faire tout qu’un impact!” “Les APTOELLA-AttackHER are amazing! Before I often avoided contact but they gave me the confidence to embrace the contact.”

Darcy Patterson: International 7s and 15s Rugby Player

“Being able to custom order the colour, size and add special details like your name is something special.  I don’t think I could ever go back to wearing my old shoulder pads, these are just incredible. The fact they actually fit and don’t make me look like a linebacker is definitely a bonus to their incredible protective ability.”