MANDY MARCHAK “Find Yourself”

          Excelling in rugby did not come to me easily to me, it took a lot of people believing in me to get me started, and overtime me believing in myself to go out and get it.

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          In other sports I just assumed I wasn’t good enough to make it any further then just my starting level, and at a young age I didn’t know any better to think I could improve or was capable of more. Then rugby came into my life. It was the first time that I had coaches and teammates who thought I could be something special, and their encouragement helped me believe in myself. They became my rugby family, a very loyal group of people, who I knew I would have for the rest of my life. Rugby gave me a sense of purpose, something to strive for, something to be passionate about, and a goal. I could finally be a part of something extraordinary and I had earned the right to be there. This gave me confidence in many areas of my life that were lacking and for the first time I believed in myself.

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          Growing up was challenging. I was never the favourite, the popular, the bold, or the beautiful. I had a lot of great friends but just never really knew where I fit in. With rugby, people from all walks of life were accepted and welcome. Having people accept you for who you are- whether you’re a bit odd, stare a few seconds too long, have a tick, or are just plain weird – rugby helps you to be comfortable with yourself and have no shame in being that wonderful person that was scared to be herself. I owe a lot to rugby and to everyone that helped me along the way. Rugby helped guide me to where I am today, it has helped me build character, and be extremely confident and happy with the person I am.

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          I’m fortunate to have had the people in my life who have helped guide me and push me in rugby. I have been to amazing places, played with the most skilled and talented people in the world, and have trained in world-class facilities; most importantly rugby has provided me the environment to grow in to a confident happy woman and provided me with lifelong friends.


Mandy Marchak Rugby APTOELLA 2          If people in your life encourage or compliment you on something you do well, listen, even of it takes you a while to believe yourself. You may in fact have that extra something and with a lot of hard work, determination and will – it could be your ticket to an extraordinary life and an amazing sport family. Believe in yourself, you will be amazed at what you can do.

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Photos by Krystal Calver of Calver Photography

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Pink Punch RaceHER tank

Black Mamba FastHER rugby shorts