Barbara Mervin

As a gymnast I would sit in splits and look up at the magnificent posters of the World-class gymnasts that hung on our small town walls. Visions of supreme athleticism and beauty, these images represented to me what was possible. They were what I wanted to become, what I daydreamt about. When I retired from competitive gymnastics I knew nothing of female rugby players. All I knew was that I loved playing this weird new game. I had no idea what rugby players ate, how they dressed, what they looked like, how they trained, or how they got to the next level.
The reason I wanted to produce the InspireHER blog is because I want to empower you with beautiful visions that are attainable through hard work and dedication. I hope each month you read these wonderful stories written by fabulous international rugby women and become inspired to achieve greatness in whatever you do, just like they have!
The InspireHER Journal includes a collaboration of expert advice on nutrition, conditioning, and goal setting that will help aspiring athlete get to the next level.
I honestly believe that your dreams can come true. So to help you start off on the right foot, I worked with some incredible people to create the InspireHER Blog just for you.
Get inspired, work hard, and have fun!


One thought on “Barbara Mervin

  1. Dear Barbara and Co, thank you for such honest and inspiring ideas for females of all ages (young and the getting older) to read, interpret and start moving from. Some of us have left our international sporting days behind us but these blogs have reminded me of all the other things I can put my mind and body towards in the future. Can’t wait to see some of you again in the future for a catch up. Awesome work on all you do Barbara. Les x

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