ASHLEY STEACY “Let Your Strengths Shine”

           Why I fell in love with Rugby….

Ashley Steacy Rugby APTOELLA

           I remember the day my best friend convinced me to go to tryouts for our high school rugby team. Rugby was not at all a mainstream sport in high school when I played. I remember my Jr. high gym teacher trying to teach us how to scrum and we were all like “our head goes WHERE?”. It definitely didn’t give me the best impression of rugby at the time. So when it came to playing on a team in high school I wasn’t so sure. But I went to tryouts anyway to see what it was really about. After the first week I had had so much fun and met so many girls that I wouldn’t have hung out with otherwise. There are so many reasons that I love rugby but I especially love the team culture and how rugby provides an environment for all strengths to shine.

           In high school I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, ran cross-country and did track and field. Rugby was so different, in a good way. Any body type could play. You could be tall, short, big or skinny, it really didn’t matter because there literally is a position for anyone. You don’t have to be the fastest or strongest or fittest to be the best. Volleyball and basketball weren’t my sports because I’m so short (5’1) and I didn’t have the stamina for cross-country. I liked track and field but I loved being on a team surrounded by friends. Rugby brings out your strengths and that’s what I love about it. You can be big and powerful and dominate a scrum or fast and shifty and score tries. You can be a wrecking ball who loves to tackle or you can be the general who takes control of the game.

Ashley Steacy Rugby APTOELLA 1

           Through all of my years playing rugby, 12 years to be specific, I have come across the most genuine, caring, loving and passionate people. I find rugby draws really remarkable people to it because it is such a great sport with a very distinctive culture. I have met some of my very best friends from playing rugby and I wouldn’t trade my experiences with these amazing people for anything.

           Play because you love it and enjoy the ride 😉

Ashley Steacy Rugby APTOELLA

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