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  • 1. Fast-Her Rugby Shorts

    1. Fast-Her Rugby Shorts

    The Fast-Her Rugby Short is the most amazing women’s rugby short on the market! This comfortable short moves with your body around the pitch supporting your every action.

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  • 2. Hug-Her Booty Bottom

    2. Hug-Her Booty Bottom

    Hug-Her Booty Bottoms are designed to keep your private parts private! This performance base layer is perfect for practice or as part of your game day ritual.

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  • 3. Attack-Her

    3. Attack-Her

    The Attack-her rugby shoulder pads with removable bust padding for the ultimate protection.


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  • 4. Custom Design Attack-Her

    4. Custom Design Attack-Her

    Rugby shoulder pads for the stylish rugby player who also wants protection and comfort.

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  • 5. No Bust About It Attack-Her

    5. No Bust About It Attack-Her

    Rugby shoulder pads for the player that doesn’t want extra bust protection.

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  • 6. Custom Design No Bust About It Attack-Her

    6. Custom Design No Bust About It Attack-Her

    Rugby shoulder pads for the player that doesn’t want bust protection.

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  • 7. Apto-Headband

    7. Apto-Headband

    Apto-Headbands are adjustable and stay in place! They are uniquely designed for the rugby girl that works hard on and off the rugby pitch.

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  • 8. Custom Apto-Headbands

    8. Custom Apto-Headbands

    Custom Apto-Headbands give you the power of creativity.  Select a saying that inspires you or make it a gift to empower others!

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  • 9. Apto Pre-Wrap (Braided)

    9. Apto Pre-Wrap (Braided)

    Pro-wrap is a soft velvety foam that makes for a perfect headband. Purchase 3 and you can make stylized coloured braids!

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  • 9. Apto-Pro Printed Wrap

    9. Apto-Pro Printed Wrap

    Pro-wrap is a soft velvety foam that makes for a perfect headband

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  • Apto-Pro Jerseys

    Apto-Pro Jerseys

    Team Jerseys Now Available!  Please contact us for team orders and quotes: http://aptoella.com/?page_id=39

    Apto-Pro Jersey’s are designed with the latest and most advanced athletic textiles, making them extremely durable while maintaining lightweight and breathable properties for optimal comfort. The jerseys are designed to fit and flatter female rugby athletes, making the days of feeling unattractive and insecure in masculine jerseys a thing of the past!



    from $75.00
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  • Gift Certificate

    Gift Certificate

    Gift certificates are great when you don’t know exactly what someone wants. Our gift certificates can be redeemed online or at event stands. Free delivery is our gift to you!

    from $20.00
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  • I Love Rugby Wristband

    I Love Rugby Wristband

    The I Love Rugby Wristband is an awesome silicone bracelet that makes it easy to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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  • Screen Printing

    Screen Printing

    Personalize your item by getting your name screen printed on the back. It’s not only fun, this way everyone will know the awesome APTOELLA product belongs to you!

    Available on all apparel.

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